Dear Planet Earth, will you be my Valentine?

As you all know, at the Social Good Summit we are inspiring ideas to achieve the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals and help create a better world by 2030. So, with Valentine’s Day approaching we thought what better way to celebrate than to share 10 ways to show your love to the earth. If the earth is your Valentine this year, here are a few fun ideas to show the planet how grateful you are:
  1. Go for a walk – I think we forget how good a walk can be after we’ve been sitting at our computers all day long.
  2. Don’t use your car for a day – We all know how bad cars are for the environment so just for one day, grab your bike or head out on foot. You could even stop by your favorite park on the way.
  3. Collect Rubbish – you don’t have to spend the whole week on a rubbish collecting hunt, just make an effort to pick up a piece of rubbish on your walk. Even if it’s just one piece – every little bit counts to get to our #zerowaste goal!
  4. Volunteer – It feels good to help others. Helping others can help you and help the planet. So, get out there, make some friends and give back. You could even volunteer to help at the Social Good Summit on March 5!
  5. Meditate outside – go to your favorite lookout, sit on the ground, and breathe the air. We are so lucky to be on this earth so take a moment to give thanks.
  6. Eat seasonal & local produce – Invite your family over, cook it, add some garlic to it and enjoy it together. Eating local produce helps reduce your environmental footprint which is helping us get to Goal 12 – Responsible Consumption and Production
  7. Plant a tree – If you can’t fit a tree in your backyard then plant a small pot of herbs on your kitchen window. Lots of goodness comes from plants – in the roots and soil all sorts of things grow and store carbon. From little things big things grow!
  8. Buy organic produce – anything organic i.e., food, clothes, personal care, all contribute to making the earth a cleaner, healthier and better place.
  9. Do a day in the dark – Be extra diligent at conserving energy. Don’t leave appliances on, switch the lights off, hang your wet clothes rather than use the dryer. You could even get the candles out and have a romantic candle lit dinner!
  10. Last but not least, use your imagination – take a moment to imagine what our planet would be like if everyone made the effort to show it some love. If we can dream it, we can manifest it!

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